Ongoing Research Projects

  • Habilitation project: „The Subject and the Institution: A juridico-linguistic relationship between Autonomy and Obligation“. Under supervision of Prof. Rainer Kiesow, EHESS Paris.
  • „Blockchain technology and the problem of collective governance: politics, justice, aesthetics“, a workshop series in collaboration with Prof. Jean Lassègue at three locations: 
  • „Kleros et la justice en ligne“, in collaboration with Prof. Jean Lassègue, at Centre Georg Simmel (EHESS, Paris)
  • Blockchain BRIDGES – an interfaculty group at Uni.Lu on blockchain matters (group summary here)
  • „Technique – symbolique – pouvoir. Approche anthropologique et critique“ (in collaboration with Prof. Pierre Musso, Institut d’Études Avancées, Nantes)